One family

I offer you this message from my heart to yours with love.

“ Today we dream. The dream we are all in is the one of enlightenment. As you become your higher/True selves, the rest of your brothers and sisters also rise in the expansive energies that are being brought through. What is happening on Earth is happening far and wide throughout the galaxies, the Universe. We are all invested in seeing Earth rise to her potential and beyond. Now it might seem that we are looking at your evolution with more interest than we would otherwise but that is actually not the case. Whether we benefit or not, witnessing the blessings of unfoldment at this time is a celebration and a joy. There are many of your soul families, supporting, guiding and encouraging you. This is what family does and we are all one family. So let us reassure you that you cannot get anything wrong, that each place you all stand in is perfect for your journey and evolution. Allow yourselves this time to grow and see it as a way of connecting not only with your own true nature but to your soul families and to each other.”🙏

*photo by Josh Gordon

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