One tone

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message rings out, reverberates, echos and expresses as one tone. It is the one tone that brings everything back into resonance with the Source of all things. It creates a space that allows stillness and it is this place of stillness, that our Oneness is felt. It is beautiful to see how everyone/everything is brought together into perfect wholeness as the body of God, metaphorically speaking. We can allow ourselves to move back home when this sound rings out. It is calling us home. When you move into resonance, the Divine as you, is able to lead the way and even if you are not conscious of this happening, no matter, it is. As we gather together embraced in the energies that surround us, we remember who and what we are in full realization and sovereignty. 

No longer are we single entities drifting in a limited existence. 

    Riding the waves, you can arrive with ease, free, unencumbered and knowing that you are part of a whole that supports and loves you. Every part perfect, unique and adding to the whole in ways that surpass words. Move into resonance and float home.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Manuel Cossio

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