Receptivity and Grace

“Today’s message is a gift. A gift from my heart to yours and beyond. This exchange of energy that I am giving with love will be received over and over for eternity. As you become the perfect vessels of receptivity you are, more light can filter in and through. This allows for the clearing of anything that is no longer serving your highest good. Allow for this process and be open to receive. That is the key. Being in a state of grace keeps you open to your inheritance and allows you to step into the power of your True Self. Being who you are powerfully will illumine all those around you inspiring them to shine their lights brightly. And so it goes, one after another, receiving, amplifying, illumining and sharing until you all stand in your brilliance. The light explores itself through you-magnifies, adjusts and then illumines more of what is needed. You are transformers. As you transform the light you are you expand and rise until the day you meet yourself, the God within.”  in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Ben White

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