I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today the message is both powerful and necessary. The love that you are is seeking to move back home. For many eons, like teenagers, you left to seek your own way other than the parent but now it is time to be in reunion. You have had your growth as separate individuals in the human experience . You have experienced different lifetimes exploring duality, feeling what it was like to forget your inheritance. Now the time has come to move back into kinship and embrace each other as the family you truly are. You are all from the same mother/father and you are loved equally and unconditionally. There is not one that is not welcome and I am waiting for the time that we can celebrate our Oneness, the beauty of wholeness. Let us bring the time near when you may travel back into my heart and feel the love that I have for you. Surrender and in so doing you become the precious lights that you are, brilliant diamonds each and every one of you.” in partnership with God

*Photo by Timon Studler

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