This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours

“Self-love can be very complicated from where you are sitting. Of course, it is not really but the denser energies hold back some of the pure loving energy of the Creator. To receive love from yourself, your heart must be completely open. When this occurs you truly feel connected to the whole and that of God’s expression, unconditional love. And since you are of God, wouldn’t “being” love resonate with you? As you allow your resistance, that critical, judging voice within to recede, your pure essence naturally bubbles up and fills the void. The dilemma is in the integrating and allowing it to radiate throughout your being. Most people stop it before it can penetrate all of their stuck and bruised emotions thereby only soothing the surface and not healing the deeper layers. When you offer yourself this gift of love, all things that are not true, recede. You begin to get in touch with your knowing/wisdom and become more authentic in your expression. Everything begins with self-love and then branches out to others. Compassion, kindness, tolerance, all are fruits of self-love. When you offer these virtues to yourself you can be generous with the hearts of others. It is truly the foundation of living your best life as a Divine Being in form.”

with love, in love, our love, Yeshua

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