Shine, glitter and glow

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“This is a powerful message. Powerful in its content and in the energies woven through these words. Power is not what you have defined it in the past. Power is the ability to be in presence with your heart wide open, with your feet planted firmly and your voice gentle and loving. Power is the ability to show up wherever you are and give entirely of yourself without denying yourself anything. Power is beauty, for you express through beauty, you create through beauty and beauty is who each one of you truly are. You shine when you allow yourself the power of your expression. You glitter when you step powerfully into your creativity and you glow when you accept yourselves unconditionally. This is the power that you are all accessing now. So shine your brightest, Dear Ones, express, create and glow. Step powerfully forward for these are your days of enLIGHTenment.”
in partnership with Archangel Michael

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