The breath of ONE

With each breath we rise higher

With each breath we come closer

With each breath we expand wider

With each breath we shine brighter

Wth each breath we love greater

With each breath we become ONE.

 The breath of ONE, the God breath, the Heart breath… We are this perfect inhale and exhale that fuels everything. That raises us higher and higher, closer and closer to Source as we breathe in this gift of love. It is available to us, wherever we stand, our breath brings us home. The heart lights the way. 

As we move into the energies of 2021, I connect my heart with the heart of Gaia, the heart of God and the heart of humanity.  

As ONE, we breathe in love, we breathe out love.

Wishing you a year of well-being, love, peace, joy and abundance. May you receive all that is for your highest and best.

May we move into our sovereignty with grace & ease and build a world that benefits ALL.

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