The collective has chosen

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is a kind and considerate thank you to all who are stepping forward to support their family, friends and neighbours during this time of transition. We are transiting from one dimensional foundation to another and although this sounds extraordinary, it is the natural way evolution works. You keep evolving, expanding and becoming. Now what is extraordinary, beyond measure, is that the collective has chosen this path, thereby ensuring that no one is left out/behind. It might not look that way considering the division displayed within your countries and communities but even so, you have all agreed that the whole will lift. I am proud of this accomplishment amidst the unrest and unsureness you are experiencing. 

 I am supporting you with the love that is streaming through and the light that is pouring/radiating in from every corner of the Universe. You are making news and everyone is taking notice. You are leading the way by opening up your hearts and listening to the messages of faith, love and compassion. Each time you choose a thought that is peaceful over an angry one, we all benefit. Each time you measure your response and frame it in a loving way, we all benefit. And each time you gaze upon someone who you define as a foe and you hold that gaze until your eyes become tolerant, compassionate, we all benefit. Know that in each delicious moment of opportunity, your expression can benefit the whole, can lift us up and light us up. You will see how the world will become the Kingdom through your care and consideration. And so it is.” in partnership with God

*photo by Annie Spratt

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