The Golden Age

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message resonates and reverberates across many eons and many dimensions. It is a coming of age that we have been waiting for and we have always known it will be here at this time. You have all decided to be present to welcome in this new age and you are all ready to step into your roles and be the shining light that you are. This time does not come around often. This is the beginning of a golden age and it will continue for some time. Many of you have paved the way in past lifetimes and you were the ones to bear witness to many ills and untruths. But this was the way of the journey and it was through this experience that we can now come out the other side and into the light. Do not judge the experience because this was what was chosen and now you are choosing differently. Be aware of your thoughts and only align with what resonates within your being. Try not to be fooled into thinking you know all that is being shown but instead sit neutrally in the knowledge that the truth always surfaces especially in these times. So for now, rest in your hearts, rest in knowing that we are on track and that everything is unfolding in Divine order and timing. We are with you every step of the way.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Johnny McClung

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