The healing power of Water

My daughter and I have just been away. One of our stops was Lourdes, France and as souvenirs we brought back some healing water. I decided to look it up and see why it is considered so special and what I found was that it is the “belief” in its healing powers that creates miracles. So, this morning as I showered I started speaking with the spirit of Water. I thanked it for all that it gives us and as it flowed over me , I absorbed it and saw it healing my body. The energy of connection was tangible and as my belief in the water’s abilities expanded so did the feeling of healing. I asked for a message and this is what I received. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Yes, my essence is healing. As I flow over you, you can choose to absorb my healing powers deep within you. Visualize the water seeping in and healing any areas that need it. Know & have faith that I am healing you, trust & have faith in my ability to heal. This is important because without this belief, my essence just flows on the surface and washes away the grime of the day. But to know me is to allow me to truly be absorbed in and to cleanse the grime of years of mistreatment and pain. Allow me to rinse away the pain and damage your body is holding. Trust in my abilities and know that when you invite me to help, you start working with me. Together we can wash away the past so that you sparkle in the newness of what is your true Divine state, pure love. Together we can rule your life with flow and ease.”

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