The qualities of love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Let’s explore the qualities we use when we love. Love is an all encompassing feeling but it can be broken down into the beautiful qualities we use to move us into this feeling. When we see others with eyes that reflect compassion & kindness, when we can see the God in each fellow human being and when we can accept them with open arms- that is love. That is when we can feel love that we can share and celebrate with each other. It is not possessive or conditional. It does not explain or ask anything of the other. It just exists, surrounding yourself and all that you come into contact with, like a mist from heaven. It permeates and feeds the heart with a fuel that fans your Divine spark/flame. And it is yours to give and receive. 

  Each day allow yourself to honour that part of you that shows up with these qualities no matter what you are experiencing. Allow yourself to spread this beautiful birthright, this heavenly mist…love.” in partnership with Yeshua

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