To live in love, with love, as love

Although a little late, I offer this message to you in celebration of the divine feminine and all those who nurture, care and love. 

“Today sets the tone to how you may look at your life and the lives of others. As you greet your families in celebration for the love you share, you may also extend this precious gift outwards to your communities and to the world. This gift of love nurtures, heals and defines all that it touches. It gives hope to the hopeless, bread to the hungry, kindness to the shunned and breath to newborns. It is the Creator’s divine gift to us. We are the receptacles, the vessels that when allowed, receives and then issues out doses to who/what we choose to administer it. This elixir heals the wounds within our hearts, the scars of our minds and the torment within our souls.  We, as mothers, take special care in giving love away. To do so unconditionally and to know that love is an unlimited resource that we can access, allows the mother to give what is needed, required, in ways that supports the ones in her care. Everyday, there is a special calling of her attention and when she brings her awareness/focus to it and offers the loving kindness that is always available, at her fingertips, then love blooms. Everyone benefits, as love creates love and as it spreads/radiates out, so the world changes. Shifting from abandonment, feeling separate to feeling “together”, in family, belonging to, changes the life experience. Changes everything. And once you realize the pure power of love, it will replace fear and unworthiness and bring you back home, into the kingdom, to live in love, with love, as love.” in partnership with Mother Mary

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