Vibration of love and healing light

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we have come to bring you into the vibration of love and into a healing light that emanates from within and without. Feel for it, trust in it and know with your heart that it is always available as you tune in. Yes, you must tune in, like a receiver, in order to receive/accept/download these rays/energies that are streaming to you. You are always in relationship with the energies around you and you are the master of your energy field. You determine what you align to, what you allow to enter and what affects you. You determine all of these things and once you fully understand that you can rise above, disengage and even transmute energy, you will never be affected by another unless you choose to be. There is always a choice and each choice offers you an opportunity to learn. The more you become an expert in bringing the lessons you want to you, the more your life will be an out-picturing of what you like/desire and less like someone else’s movie you are playing a part in. Allow yourself to become the master creator you truly are by accepting the love available to you. This will help empower your choices by raising your vibration above the fray and giving you the perspective in a higher octave. Once you feel supported in these energies, all will look manageable, easily navigated and with outcomes that light the way forward. Allow my love to buoy you up.” in partnership with God

*photo by Marvin Meyer

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