We are becoming whole (2nd. Version)

My True Self 
will set me free.
My small self
does not agree.
It blocks my view
so I won’t see 
this aspect 
of the Creator 
in me. 

me separate,
dimming my light,
holds on tight.
Playing roles
that wish to please
but in the end,
creates unease.
Sitting upon a
self-made throne,
seeking control
and feeling alone.

The ego mind
cannot define
this part of me
in sovereignty.
It holds onto
its desperate rule,
using confusion 
as a powerful tool.

The wise heart 
sees through 
all defences.
It reassures and 
pulls down fences 
that secretly hide 
my spark inside.
Its gentle voice
encouraging me 
to fully surrender
so I can BE
in joyful

In love and trust,
my small self 
To the God within,
she humbly 
And so it’s done,
two selves 
become One.
Whole and free,
braided together 
in unity.

“I Have Come. I Have Come. I Have Come.” Melchizedek through Paul Selig

*this poem is a second attempt to describe realization.
The first version is the post “Whole and Free” on July 9th, 2021.

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