We are energy beings

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Precious Ones, we have come today to explain some laws to you. These laws are not built on restrictions or an abuse of justice but instead they are energetic laws of attraction and repulsion. When you fully understand yourselves as energy beings you start to experience your inner workings as such. Then you can navigate your life, your well-being, a little differently and with the knowledge that empowers and not restricts. These simple laws, for they are indeed simple, when applied, allow you to move in and out of experience without holding onto or repressing anything of a difficult nature. When you understand that everything is “an opportunity” then you can manage yourselves with more ease. And this is the first law. Everything you see in front of you is “there for you”. You have chosen the experience, you have called it into existence. Only you can meet it with grace or you can turn around and run from it. The second law is that if you choose to run, the opportunity will eventually meet you again and again until you see what it is you wish to learn. So, the next time you are met with challenging circumstances, you may choose to thank it. Understand that what’s facing you is an opportunity for your growth, healing, empowerment and then do your best to move through the experience with the least possible resistance. Know that you will be met with your highest good as you move out of it. And this is the third law. Difficult circumstances do not last. There is always ebb and flow. And what was once a challenging time in your life will soon become a time when you can rest and recover. A time where there is a respite for you and you will be taken care of so that the next opportunity can be met with a fresh approach. Understanding this law is important because you have a tendency to apply your history, an old way of seeing/doing things, and this is not helpful. When you meet what is in front of you with a newness you then can see where your attention/ awareness may go. You are not reliving an experience but you are living the experience. 
These three simple laws allow you to move your energy along and through. Releasing the old, welcoming the new and moving forward, open, receptive, aware and accepting of the beautiful opportunity you’ve brought to you. You become the master not the victim. You are living YOUR LIFE. You can enjoy it.” in partnership with Buddha

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