What are you reflecting?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is about bringing in the “tomorrows” that you all wish to create. This happens in the present moment as it births the next by what you are reflecting. You are beautiful mirrors and whatever reflection you are shining out, the Universe responds by showing up in the exact same way. If you are fearful, the Universe will bring those fears to you. If you are joyful, the Universe shows up ready to play and have fun. So, as you spend your time in your homes now, practice your awareness as to the image you are broadcasting. Watch yourself, as an observer, and like an actor in a story, choose to play the role you really wish to experience. Try it. Play with it. Play at being abundant, powerful, joyful and know that you are creating the next page, the next chapter. You don’t have to think about the plot or how the story will end. You can just show up for the adventure, calling to you the wonderful experiences you choose to express in.”      
 In partnership with Yeshua

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