Whole and free

Braiding together,
becoming whole,
matter and spirit
integrating soul.
Divine energy
anchoring to Earth,
a beautiful home 
for our rebirth.

Allowing breath 
to quiet the mind,
the heart awakens
and there we find
the wisdom within 
that guides so well.
Listening intently,
we foretell 
the grace and ease
that will appease
our resistance and doubt.

Feeling alone
and mainly without
dissolves with trust 
which is about 
to the God 

Our True Self claims
our sovereignty,
ego retreats
and faith deletes 
the old programs 
that kept us all 
small and weak
and incomplete. 

Our vibration rising
to the octave above,
we come together in 
peace and love.
We sing our songs
in harmony,
Source with humanity.

Life is a gift
to ascend and lift
into the unknown,
where ALL will be,
whole and free.
Aspects of God,
that’s what we are,
light, colour,
tone and star.

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