One family

I offer you this message from my heart to yours with love.

“ Today we dream. The dream we are all in is the one of enlightenment. As you become your higher/True selves, the rest of your brothers and sisters also rise in the expansive energies that are being brought through. What is happening on Earth is happening far and wide throughout the galaxies, the Universe. We are all invested in seeing Earth rise to her potential and beyond. Now it might seem that we are looking at your evolution with more interest than we would otherwise but that is actually not the case. Whether we benefit or not, witnessing the blessings of unfoldment at this time is a celebration and a joy. There are many of your soul families, supporting, guiding and encouraging you. This is what family does and we are all one family. So let us reassure you that you cannot get anything wrong, that each place you all stand in is perfect for your journey and evolution. Allow yourselves this time to grow and see it as a way of connecting not only with your own true nature but to your soul families and to each other.”🙏

*photo by Josh Gordon


As feelings swirl around me, I witness the inevitability of letting go, of retrieving and releasing. I am no longer the person I was a minute ago. Each time I stop holding on, the new surfaces. Not better, not worse. 

The mind tries to make sense and to limit me. But I keep breaking free. 

I move down to my heart, breathe in love to calm my systems and listen to the gentle whisperings reminding me that we are becoming.

Floating in loving ponds of clear light

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“In today’s atmosphere there is a lot of fear, resentment and uncertainty floating around. It is swirling into streams of energetic ponds and these will soon dry up from all the light being filtered down into them. You may be feeling uncomfortable but we remind you that wading into these ponds, pools of energy do not serve you well. While sticking a toe in might serve to remind you where you don’t want to swim, splashing around in them only makes you swim in darken waters. So choose with discernment. Understand that when you immerse yourself in these energies, the consequences are then felt and reverberate not only in your lives but in the collective experience. Look for clearer water to enjoy your time. Find calm ponds to float in and allow these healing, loving energies to uplift and surround you. This is a choice of experience and it can make your time there on Earth either a holiday or a lot of work. Enjoy yourselves by supporting the beautiful energies being gifted to you at this time and float in these loving streams of clear light.” in partnership with Archangel Michael


Journey within,

to the heart of all things,

to the golden palace housing the most precious piece of me.

To wholeness, 

in the becoming,

flame igniting the part of me hidden.

Uncovering the essence, bubbling up & outward,

spreading light,

glistening in the wind.

Freeing yourself

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

Question to God: Where does our need to be seen by our family come from?

“It comes from the feeling of separation from me, your one and only parent. I am the One that had gifted you your spark, your Divine essence, your life, your eternal flame. When you look outside yourself for approval, confirmation, acceptance, you have created a place of separation within your being. You are saying that you are not enough just as you are. That you are not worthy unless someone outside yourself tells you so. You create this lack, this wanting, and only you can bring yourself back to the true state of your being, the truth of who you are- unconditional love. The celebration of every part of you that expresses, feels, grows, expands, learns, creates and enjoys the moments that you experience. You are the only one that you should look to, to find the appreciation you desire because it is me that you would be acknowledging, your divinity you would be honouring. And that is when you finally become free of your expectations of others. You let them go and you are free to spread your wings and soar.” in partnership with God

Graceful process of letting go

LET GO of any preconceived idea of what anybody should think, say or do and let them just be. Allow them their expression and then meet it with neutral observance. It is not their responsibility to give you approval or acknowledgement. It is your responsibility to accept yourself unconditionally, to know your worth.

     How does this graceful process happen? It happens when you listen with your heart and not your mind. When you are in non-judgement. When you are able to see the one before you with compassion and you are no longer looking for personal validation, for being right. 

   Breathe, release, allow. “You  are free. You are free. You are free.”🙏