Stepping into the unknown

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We come today to celebrate the shift that is your homecoming, your inheritance. You are all stepping up and into the energies that will support your movement forward. Even though what is before you might be disappointing or uncomfortable, please know that it too will shift into a phase that looks anew. Understand that your histories, the old, may appear in order to be recognized and released so that your choices do not replicate it. You may choose from a higher perspective. Once that takes place and you are not repeating your experiences, you will have stepped into the unknown where everything is possible. This will enable you to move along with a new way of being in your lives. This shift takes time. You are learning a different skill set in order to navigate and your motives/desires are changing as well. Be patient with this transition and allow the pieces to fall into place so you may have the appropriate realizations to help you with your discernment and choices. Wait until you “know” and try not to sit and ruminate “what ifs”. There is great change in front of you and the best possible way to move through it is in trusting that you will always be met with the highest good possible for you in the moment. With each step your journey unfolds de-light-fully. Allow your choices to be in love and understand that as you move forward into the unknown, the foundation you are building will support the new that is being raised- replacing the old and creating a place where rebirth, renewal and regeneration may occur.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Aron Visuals

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