This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love…

“Beauty is indeed from the eye of the beholder. It is a transformative thing. Whenever you see beauty, you lift it to a higher perspective. You create a relationship with what you are viewing through your appreciation of it. It allows it to shine with the vibrancy of your gaze. You create the beauty. So, if that is true then anything you put your eyes on can be seen that way. It is your choice. Remember the next time you turn away in disgust or judgement, that a simple proclamation of beauty will lift all those concerned. 

  We will now share a story that exemplifies this. There was a little girl that couldn’t tie her shoes. One day she was getting ready for school and everyone in her family were too busy to help her. So she left the house with her shoes untied. Worried that she would trip over her shoelaces, she looked around to see if she could find someone to help. The only person on the street at the time was an old man who was disfigured in the war. She was a little scared but she went up to him anyways and asked for some help. The request surprised him because generally children were scared of his appearance. As he helped her, the little girl’s heart opened up with gratitude and the wondrous rays of love came pouring out of her. As he received them he was transformed into a beautiful, kind man. How he looked on the outside made no difference on the kind act he was carrying on doing. 

    So, the next time someone’s outer appearance is not to your liking, shine rays of light and love on them and watch them transform.”Yeshua

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