This loving message from Source moved through me today. I offer it from my heart to yours…

“The message today is one of PEACE. As you move through your days, think of me. Know that in every instant I am with you, guiding, your biggest fan, your greatest ally and your loving parent. You cannot stray far without my loving glance bringing you back home. Feel into these words and know that you are all in my heart, every last one of you. If you only knew, really knew, how absolutely and completely loved you are, you would never have a “bad day”. Each day would be the gift it was meant to be. Each moment would be the place you reside, free and ready to embrace all of the beauty & opportunity there. Have no fear and trust in the big picture, the higher perspective of peace and freedom for all. You will all experience this and when the time comes you will be amazed at how effortless a choice for peace is. Open your hearts, hear these words and trust in yourselves, your goodness, your oneness, your wisdom & your light. You are love. Step into your power. Shine bright and together you will move forward with grace and ease towards a new tomorrow.”

God, Source, the Creator is truly available and accessible to all at any time. Try it, open your heart, breathe in love and say “BE WITH ME” and know that each time the response back will be “ALWAYS”.

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