Being in truth

It is easy to fall into the mind trap of “thinking” we are right and others are wrong. Once we believe in something, our minds justify it by seeking out evidence to support it. Our perspective narrows and we become closed off to anything that does not support our idea. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of investing in an idea and believing we are one with it. Then we start fighting as if our survival is dependant on whether people are in agreement with us or not. 

 Unlike information that can change daily, the truth is always true. 

It is true that we ALL carry within us a divine spark. We are ALL here to experience and express through our lives. We are ALL learning and expanding. We ALL have feelings that are meant to help us understand ourselves and each other better. We ALL have a heart, mind & free will that allow us to make choices and we are ALL responsible for these choices. 

If we can learn to practice tolerance and respect each other’s choices then we can ALL live in truth, freedom, peace, love and unity.

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