Cocooned in God’s love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We have gathered today, high dimensional beings, your friends, your family, ALL, to celebrate the times that are upon us. These times of great change have been long in coming. You have travelled far and wide to see the changes evolve/shift into the very events/experiences/opportunities that enable us to witness the old release and new reborn. You will learn to understand each moment by going within and following your inner compass. Try not to focus outside of yourself because those images are an outpicturing of the projectors you are. Whatever comes into your awareness is exactly what needs to be addressed inside of yourself. Are you spending time witnessing aggression and violence? Where are you holding the anger and fear that needs to be seen inside of you? Are you in judgement, intolerance and frustration? You are holding these elements, allow them to be felt and then give them up. They are no longer necessary. They only exist because you are keeping yourself separate, afraid that you are not safe, seen or loved. You may rest in the knowing that you have always been and will always be. Know that you are cocooned in my love and the day will come when you emerge and float/fly in the new energies that are there to support and uplift. Let go of trying to “figure” out the storyline, the wrongdoers and the ones that will lead you forward. You are all of these aspects of the whole. You are the ones who made the mistakes and you are the ones with the solutions. Embrace your heart and the wisdom that flows through it. Allow it to lead you into the next chapter of your never-ending story. Trust that you will have the many opportunities you wish to experience and know that I am there with you, encouraging and loving you every step of the way. Promise yourself that as the days pass, you will sit in judgement no more but in witness of the Divine that is not only inherent in everyone and everything but is manifesting for the highest good of ALL. And so it is.” in partnership with God

*photo by Suzanne D. Williams

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