Breathe in freedom

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As you move through your days meeting all the expectations that you have placed on yourself and all the ones others have placed on you, we would like you to begin to breathe in freedom. This freedom is the entangling of these expectations, of allowing them to let go and fall away and in its place an expansive feeling of freedom/sovereignty will move in. This replaces the downtrodden, the under the thumb, scrutinized feeling and allows/enables a lighter way of being to play out. This feeling, this beingness, will allow you to be more open and aware of what is in front of you. The old perspective would determine worth through judgement- is this worthy of my attention? Will I grace you with a smile? But now, you will move more automatically through divine perspective/eyes, taking the time and attention to notice, acknowledge, appreciate what has been placed in front of you to see/witness with eyes that recognize and remember. This will open up a whole new world and through this freedom, you will move/navigate in a way that will surprise and delight you. There is no thought but a flow and ease of connection and regard. These opportunities will unfold and teach the lessons you are calling in. Beautiful lessons of joy, abundance, well-being, peace so that you can finally stand in the garden, feet planted firmly, heart wide open and eyes emblazoned with love.” in partnership with God

*photo by ian dooley

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