Inspired creativity

heart expression
feelings binding thoughts
creating words across a page
beautiful nuggets of wisdom

*In dedication to Matt @modern_sooth who through his divine poetry and loving heart inspired the poet within. And to all the wonderful masters of the word, I honour and celebrate the beauty you gift us.

This message I received awhile back. It is a beautiful message and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today, let us muse about poetry. Words are powerful tools, not only to get your message across but as seeds of energy that are planted in the fertile soil of the mind/imagination. They are what grows and eventually becomes present in your daily lives. You manifest with them and they are powerful. It is always important to be aware of what you are thinking and sending out. To know & understand what is behind each word, the feeling that inserts it’s energy and infuses all your manifestations. Angry words plant seeds of anger. Love seeds love. What do you want to nourish, to see grow and flourish in your garden, the mind? How do you want to communicate with yourself & others and how do you want them to feel? Poetry is a beautiful tool where the magician (the poet) masterfully uses words to paint a picture in your mind. The words dropping in the soil and germinating. These magicians are indeed masters of the word and they are honoured for their craft and service. Their cadence sings a song for all to hear. We appreciate them and admire their dedication. They are the storytellers that spread loving messages and uplift humanity with just a sentence. And we say thank you.” in partnership with God

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