It begins with our knowing

Imagine the feeling of being loved and appreciated. Sit there a moment and drink it in.

Now imagine that there is one person who has decided that they don’t like you. That how you express doesn’t resonate with them and they let you know. 

Sit in that feeling of disharmony a moment. 

This happens to us daily and we allow our self-worth to seesaw up and down depending on other people.

What if, instead of giving our power away, we choose to give ourselves the love and appreciation we desire. To KNOW that we are perfect, unique expressions of the Divine. That our self-worth is only dependent on our own acknowledgement and unconditional acceptance of who and what we are. 

What if we allow others to express the way they want to, knowing that they too, are unique, perfect aspects of Source. 

The world would be in love, harmony and peace.🙏

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