The Bright Queen

I offer this fable from my heart to yours with love.

Once upon a time in a faraway country there lived a queen. Now this was no ordinary queen, no, this was a very bright queen. She was the smartest in all the land and she could answer any question and explain anything at the snap of your fingers. People would come from all over the world to ask her their questions and when she gave them the answers they were very happy. So happy in fact, that they would reward her with anything her heart desired. Now the queen always wished for just one thing. She asked them to go and teach everything they learned. She wanted them to share their knowledge so it could benefit the whole village. Each time she answered a question she would always finish with … “and let them all know.”

  Over time the questions became harder but the queen was always able to offer the answer, and over the many years the people in all the villages became smarter & smarter. Until one day there were no more questions. They were all able to find the answers themselves. And the queen was able to live happily ever after enjoying her garden and having fun.

The End.

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