Look within

This message came through me and I share it from my heart to yours with love.

“So when there is disharmony in your life you must first look within to see the mayhem that is going on. What are you feeling that has become out-pictured in your experience? What is going on in your emotional self that needs to be seen, dealt with, felt, understood and then lovingly released? It is usually not easy to acknowledge the challenges that arise within but necessary in order to live in awareness and responsibility, response-ability. This is where the work begins and as you understand your inner landscape better, your outer world heals as well. Your life mirrors what is happening inside of you. It is set up that way to teach you and to show you where your attention and love is needed. It is not to punish or to harm but to create the opportunity for a necessary shift in consciousness. Know that through these difficult lessons you are being supported and guided if you allow us to help. Asking for assistance to get through your days with ease is the fastest way to welcome the help in. Allow us to pave the way to your optimum wellbeing so that your days may begin to show you how loved, appreciated and genuinely cared for you are. Your life will then begin to improve in ways that will surprise and delight you. Trust, allow, accept all that is there, available. Let us lead you forward.”God

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