Starting your day

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“I have a loving message of peace and joy today. Each day as you wake up, start your day with the intention to connect with your fellows and with us, your guides and friends. See everyone as your family and be excited to witness all with the eyes of God. Know that when you do this you become a walking blessing and everyone who comes into contact with you lifts with that acknowledgement. You are One with all that you see and when you witness the Divine it does the same to you. You become blessed wherever you go and everyone/everything is held anew. Understanding this is your inheritance. This is who and what you are. Joy permeates your life and each day becomes a new adventure into the unknown, the Kingdom. From that vantage point, your life unfolds into the dream you make it to be. You create the experience from a place of inclusiveness. Everyone is met, embraced by your light and is then helped to lift within their lives. Everyone becomes a walking blessing, peace spreads and joy infuses your day. This idea of Oneness becomes a reality as we see each other as extensions of the God within. Let us all come together to celebrate who we truly are – beautiful expressions of the Divine.” Yeshua

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