What do you wish to experience?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message poses the question, what do you wish to experience? This question starts the ball rolling. For many, your lives tend to run away from you. As you dream about what is down the road, the life you are living becomes a set of circumstances to deal with, struggle though and not necessarily savour. But, what if these circumstances are exactly what you need  to determine what it is you do desire? If you are hungry, doesn’t a delicious meal sound appealing? If you are cold, doesn’t warm weather conjure up dreams? There is always opportunity to feel into the moment and get the clues of what you most want to create and experience. If you are feeling powerless, wouldn’t you want to have a chance to feel empowered? All of these gifts of feelings enable you to understand what it is you desire to learn from. If you take the time, in the moment, to become more aware of what you are feeling, you can then bring up the feeling you most want to experience. From there, your imagination can create the circumstances that will bring it to you. Staying in the feeling calibrates the events that will show up for you. These events, the theatre of your life will play out so that you can star in your masterpiece, your work of art, your divine script. Feel into the experience and allow it to permeate, percolate and prepare the opportunity that will present in your life.”  in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Emily Morter

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