Dancing with the Divine

Dance with me
in the moonlight,
in the light of day.

Abandoned wonder 
moves inside,
breaking free,
spinning out.

Joy unleashed
to roam,

All of me,
within All.

The rhythm of life,
the heart song,
I am.

Dance with me.

How are you living your story?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As we listen to the rhetoric that is rolling from your tongues, we ask you, do you believe we pay close attention to the many plot twists and turns that play out in your daily lives? The answer is, we do not. We know that you will each choose the experience you want. You have free will. This is a great gift and we know that there is nothing that you can ever do to create a rift between you and God. So, we do not focus our attention on your day to day trials and tribulations that are your greatest teachers. We are paying attention to your vibration, your light quotient and how you are feeling. This is where our focus/attention is and this is where, we suggest, your focus and attention can be. Instead of trying to find out details, storylines, plots and the ending, you can pay closer heed to how you are “living” your story. How do you want your day/moment to “feel” like and to “be” like? This is how you create the full experience you are in. When you focus on how you would like to feel, bringing yourself into that feeling, you match its vibration and then lift to a higher octave where you shine brighter. Your radiance expands to touch all of your family, allowing them to bask in your glow. Then as the story plays out you can witness it with a kinder heart and then all moves towards an ending where everyone is looked after for their highest well-being. You move into living the story in joyful anticipation, not so that you can be right but so that you can learn from and become the infinite, expanded divine beings that you all are.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Knuth Waltenberg

Thank you God

Feeling appreciation moves us into deep gratitude. 

I appreciate…

Gaia, my well-being, loved ones, harmony, a walk in the woods, a delicious meal, heart to heart connections, a summer’s breeze, dancing, laughing, a bear hug, my home, trees, clean water, my authentic expression, your authentic expression, french fries, a hot shower, a deep inhale, our animal friends, fluffy clouds, kindness, Spring, my morning coffee, basking in the warm sun, my body, crystals, writing, letting go, an open heart, knowing our Oneness, my bed, indoor plumbing, a rainbow, honouring my feelings, flowers, Summer, finding the perfect gift, a good book, listening to the rain, mountains, art, my reflection, Winter, the first snowfall, communing with spirit, a northern lake, new experiences, listening, every aspect of myself, friendship, a beautiful view, brilliant stars, birds chirping, lightening, silence, joyfully receiving, generously giving, music, being in flow, surprising myself, trusting, moonlight, a smile, travelling, different landscapes, being present, wisdom shared, having fun, stillness, fireplaces, Fall, being comfortable, creating beauty, learning, abundance, treasure hunting, a helping hand, plants thriving, having faith, feeling loved and appreciated, loving and appreciating, finding the blessing within each opportunity, the sky, feeling warm and cozy, becoming whole, this lifetime, remembering who we truly are and so much more.. I appreciate ALL things as of God. Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

What do you appreciate?

Our generosity of spirit

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“On this day we pray that all move back into the wholeness of being within your own domain and that of the world. Each of you gets to choose where and when these adjustments/changes of perspective occurs. You all determine the future. It is you that can either shun your family or finally embrace the members that have been cast out, estranged. The ones you would call the black sheep and yet they hold your blood within their veins and they are tied to you through experience and parentage. Once you have understood/decided that everyone is welcome around your table, the celebration can begin. Before, only a few were looked after & nourished and this way of being discounts the generosity of spirit that I have gifted you. The more generous you are the more blessed you become. Giving and receiving is a powerful tool. Understanding this & how the universe/energy works can move you away from scarcity and into the abundance waiting for you. It is all tied together. Generosity not only is defined through your monetary system but through your heart as well. When your heart is open and you generously give your love, kindness, care & compassion, you will see a difference in your relationships on every level- in your families, communities, countries, the world and in your galactic families/neighbours. Once you experience this, there is no turning back, no turning out. You begin to live as you truly are, a gift to yourself and others. You shine bright as you share, learn and grow together.”  in partnership with God

*photo by Gary Butterfield

Go in peace

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“It is time to lay down your weapons of choice whether it is a cutting blade, a shooting gun or a harsh, biting word. They are no longer necessary to keep you safe, to keep others out and to keep the old from releasing. Now, the healing can begin. As you each lay down the old weaponry, your old reactions, thoughts and beliefs- you are lighter and you begin to feel the support that is being ushered in through the energies gifted to you now. As you each open more fully to the truth of who you are, your hearts expand and include your family, welcoming in all the different and beautiful aspects of the whole. You are each so necessary, worthy & divine and your understanding/accepting this as your inheritance allows you to see others compassionately and with the eyes of God. 

To see each one before you in grace and love allows us all to be in full expression, freeing ourselves of the old conditioning that limited and stopped us from moving into our true potential. 

Everyday onwards, you will notice a difference and you will begin to decide the direction your lives will move in. Each moment is there to help guide you into the next and as you begin to trust the process, the great shift moves you in ways that will surprise and delight you. You will be creating and building as you go and you will be led through your intuition, discernment and knowing. Together you will create the Kingdom that you have dreamed of where everyone is cared for, seen and deemed worthy of the riches only God’s Kingdom can gift. So, as you move through your days, go in peace and in the knowledge all is as it should be. You have chosen and you are free.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by priscilla-du-preez