We are love

This message came through me. I pass it along from my heart to yours.

“LOVE. In this energy everything and anything is possible. It is truly amazing to witness the beauty it bestows upon whoever attends to it. It envelops, nourishes, cleanses, refines, supports, encourages and creates the most sublime tones throughout the universe. It feeds us, fuels us and binds us together. It is what we are made of and once it is truly acknowledged, appreciated, accepted, it becomes an ever present place to reside in. You can always “be” that which is always there, accessible, waiting to be chosen, to be aligned to. Allow it to grow in you, around you and share it with others so they too can experience the absolute magnificent beauty it births. Understand this and your lives will be so much easier, manageable, simpler and filled with the blessings that are yours.