Honouring you

Moving away from right or wrong,
good or bad, you don’t belong.

Choosing to see in a loving way,
a hand extended, kinder words we say.
Allowing, accepting with softer eyes, 
compassionate hearts can hear your cries.

Tears of remembrance washing away 
layers of tarnish and mountains of clay. 
And underneath, there lies a spark
if given a chance can illumine the dark.

Witnessing the divine within,
brings knowing glances that let us in,
to the precious place where you reside.
There you sit, too willing to hide.

Safe to be who you truly are,
stepping into the light, you shine like a star.
Singing with feeling, we cherish your song.
As you perform, we sing along.
With a standing ovation, you take a bow,
you are living your life, there’s no stopping you now. 

You make us brighter, you make us strong,
your expression is worthy, you do belong.
Together we are the one true note
on wings of joy and hearts that float.

A new way of relating

I offer this message from my heart to to yours with love.

“Dear One, why do you doubt? Why hold onto memories and ideas of what once was? The moment you sit in is where all is seen anew. Open your eyes to the potential of a new way of relating. It is not what you “do” for someone or proving your love to someone – it is “being” that love and that does not require anything more than holding the person in your heart and seeing the truth of who and what they truly are. Seeing the God within and bowing to that immense beauty and perfection. Through this witnessing they blossom. So, try not to recount/figure out but instead remember and realize them in love, as aspects of the divine and you will uplift and empower without “doing” anything. You  can walk beside them from the corner of your home. Let go of obligations, the burden of being “perfect” in a role that is outmoded and embrace the perfection of the moment you are in.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by BAED Co.

United we rise

Life as a burden
becomes life embraced.
Free to experience 
each moment with grace.
Feelings of doubt
are replaced with joy,
surprise and delight
in a brand new toy.
Love is the answer.
Truth lights the way.
Trust in our hearts
will support us each day.
Children of God,
we are here to stay.

Our will unravels
into the divine.
Each day is a gift
and it is the time 
to know and to say 
we are truly One.
United we rise 
to get it all done.
Peace and harmony reigns
on Earth’s precious lands,
and there we all are,
the kingdom we stand.

All is growth

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.
The teachings of Melchizedek may be found through Paul Selig. They are available for you and will lovingly support your evolution.

“The challenges you face at this point are given to you to ensure your forward movement. Regard all circumstances as lessons and opportunities in areas of your life that need advancement. A higher perspective will help the old ways release so that there is room for the new. Each time you feel you get to the end of your rope, another two feet appear. You are digging deep and finding resources inside yourself to create the foundation that you will build upon. This foundation is not only for yourself but for the community that will surround you. So hang onto the knowledge/understanding that all is growth and this growth is essential. Face whatever presents knowing that you are always supported, held and loved. You are never alone.” in partnership with Melchizedek 

*photo by Elizabeth Morgan

We are

We are starbright,
hellfire and sunlight.

We are source energy,
forging pieces
creating synergy.

We are an eternal flame,
divine beings
playing the game.

We are aspects of God
living in form,
anchoring in light
and weathering the storm.

We are braiding 
into wholeness
becoming One,
our sparks uniting 
when we are done.

Our life story

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today spells a fabulous day. It exerts itself, sparkles away the dust that has accumulated throughout your systems both collectively and individually. Today allows you to show up curious to how each moment plays out as the mystery of your script unfolds. You are authors penning your many storylines, erasing the ones that you have rethought and discovering new plots and twists that you are wishing to experience. All very exciting especially since the language you are using is adapting. Every part of your communication is changing, developing and enhancing how you interact with yourself and others. Every word being written through form is being rewritten by spirit. All is upgrading to a new perspective and one that allows you to witness your unfoldment with more grace. As you open yourself up and allow your full expression to come through, you will see how each of you adds your voice/feelings/thoughts to the greater whole. Your part in OUR expansion becomes the role of this lifetime. Your life is inclusive to the WHOLE story and as you understand this you will begin to acknowledge/account for others in your storylines. You will consider their well-being and you all will learn to be in this beautiful story together, helping one another along while you play, grow and become your True Selves.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Hannah Jacobson