Accept, Appreciate, Allow

Self-love is when you unconditionally accept every aspect of yourself, have every cell vibrating with full appreciation for who & what you are and then joyfully allow yourself to authentically express. This is freedom. This is mastery. When we can truly understand and love ourselves in our entirety, our Divine essence brings us home.

Soaring above the clouds

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Let us talk about flying. The idea of freedom from heights, to soar, unburdened and going to far away places effortlessly. This is your future, this feeling is where you are all going in your everyday lives. You will soar in the new energies.The restraints that had been placed on you have been lifted, been removed and you will all experience a lightness that feels like flying. Sit for a moment, imagine the feeling of taking off, lifting higher & higher, soaring above the clouds.

This analogy will be helpful if you are ever struggling in your daily lives. See yourself lifting off and know that you are being supported, held up…feel the ease & flow and the carefreeness in the moment. As you each learn to untether yourselves from your perceived problems, worries & concerns and rest in the wind allowing it to partner with you, moving you forward without struggle but gracefully. You will then live your life in full flight, in wonder of the magnificent view and landscape below.”  in partnership with Yeshua

Energetic maintenance

We are made up of energy and our energy affects others. 

I am responsible for the energy field that surrounds me so I try to maintain a field as calm, loving and coherent as possible. Energetic maintenance is a daily routine for me, I thought I would share some of my practices.

       GROUNDING: I try to ground at least once a day. I especially like doing it right before a meditation and before going to sleep. I sit up straight, my hands are palms down on my legs and I am barefoot. I say with reverence,

 “Dear Mother Gaia, I extend my roots with love, appreciation and gratitude. Please anchor them to the depth that is for my highest and greatest good. Thank you.” I visualize my energy flowing out through my feet.

       ENERGETIC CLARITY: This exercise was given by Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young.

“Find a spark in your centre that is the divine essence of you and allow that golden spark to grow and grow until it fits your entire body with beautiful sparking golden light. Once you have your entire body filled, pull it out until it extends arm’s length in front of you, behind you, beside you, over your head and under your feet.”

        HEART-FOCUSED BREATHING: This is a HeartMath technique that I use throughout my day. It helps keep me open, present and in a state of ease.

I focus my attention to the area of the heart. I imagine my breath flowing in and out of my heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. I continue this for a few minutes either with my eyes closed or open.

      MORNING SHOWER: Each morning I commune with the water. I honour its life-giving essence and ask for any healing it has to offer me. I use this time to be in gratitude for the water, my body and Source.


From my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is to bring you all to the next level where you can now imagine how you want to live versus how you are living. You are responsible for what you encounter in your daily life and this is wonderful news. This allows you to change or alter any aspect that you wish. As you step into your mastery, you will bring to you the experiences that you call in. These come from your thoughts and you can control your way of thinking. You can bring to you things, feelings, experiences, people & places by being present and imagining that you have already received what you are wishing for.

This tool of manifestation will be your power in 2020. As you play with this ability God gifted you, you will be delighted not only in your sovereignty but in the results. Enjoy and pay attention to what shows up in your life so that you can witness the Divine in action. It is truly remarkable and noteworthy when you receive what you have called in. And as your awareness of your ability to do this expands so will your power. Choose your thoughts wisely, bring to you what you desire and allow the rest to fall away peacefully and in ease.”  in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle