A higher purview

Upside down
and inside out
my thoughts go round
and round with doubt.
I do not know
the reasons why.
What’s it about?
I pry and pry.

To get it out,
to understand,
fear will have
to drop my hand.
Questions roam 
around my mind.
The answers are 
not there to find.
Am I separate 
from the One above?
Am I even truly loved?

I’m tired of 
rolling in the muck
I give permission 
to get unstuck.
To look at life
from a higher view,
I need to have 
a new purview.

Heart aligns,
frustration releases.
Listening intently,
intuition increases.
My worth
shines through 
the fog of doubt.
Self-love blooms,
expanding out.
As faith and trust
inner discord 
begins to clear.

answered in 
my True Self’s voice.
Hearing the words,
this is a choice.
Allowing myself 
to experience the joy
of knowing who I am 
and why.
The God within
helps me to see
that every moment
is made to be
exactly what 
I need for me
to learn and grow

Coming together

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear Ones, today’s message bears witness to your expression of freedom, sovereignty and loving might as you come together to build, from within each of your individual life experiences. As you move forward, you may know that the difficulty and perceived chaos playing out on your planet is the letting go of the old and the introduction of the new. This is going to be a slow process so that you can collectively see where reassessment, innovative thought and healing needs to be provided. Allow this time to play out and try to meet each moment as calmly and neutrally as you can. Understand that you are moving away from the right/wrong paradigm and coming together into a unified understanding on what may benefit the whole. This is a wider & more loving perspective, an appreciation for each individual expression and its relevance to the whole. As you witness the divine in each other, you will care less about beliefs and more about the truth and wisdom each one offers through their hearts, mind and inner vision. As you all learn to come together, value and respect each other’s differences, the puzzle begins to take shape as the pieces move into alignment/place. Trust in yourselves, in your ability to move into tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. The past was there to learn from and to show you what it is you truly want as the master creators you are.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Hans-Peter Gauster

Gifts of gratitude

Your natural state
is one of grace.
Of ease and flow,
God’s loving embrace.
A sweet surrender,
a letting go
of conflict 
and of having control.

in the moment
you’re in,
being present
and calm within.
Looking around,
you understand
the beauty that 
is close at hand.
Everything is 
one with you,
one with God,
you know 
it’s true.

fills up 
your heart,
the overflow 
begins to start
to radiate 
throughout your field.
Beyond your space,
the gift of you
moves into wholeness
with the human race.

Your inner world 
infuses the day.
Your feelings inspire
as you give them away.
Being grateful
for all that surrounds,
make miracles happen 
and blessings abound.
Magical moments
start to appear,
signs from above
that are loud and clear.
Thanking you
for who you are
and what you do,
the Universe 
is gifting you.

“May I know myself in gratitude of the gifts of the Kingdom that seek to be bestowed upon me.”
The Kingdom, The Guides through Paul Selig

Full Moon blessings

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a full day. One that, as you experience it, rises up with the many blessings it has in store for you. Each of you have packets of energy that awaits the time you are ready to receive them. They are specific to you, your systems, your growth and evolution and when they do download, they give you a nice boost forward and upwards. Today, is one of these days where if you are ready and open, you will be given exactly what you need. Today, children of God, receive what is rightfully yours, individually and collectively. You can allow these perfect blessings of energy to stream to you and through you by taking a moment and opening yourself up to receiving them. They will be available not just today but in the weeks ahead and always. But you might as well receive them sooner than later as they will empower you and create opportunities that are ripe/ready to be experienced in the next chapter of your ongoing saga. Let yourselves trust in your process and journey, knowing that your growth does support the whole. Through your expansion, you move from witness/observer to empowered player, acting in the interests for the higher good. You are ready for your next steps and you are always supported on your journey. Guidance is available when asked for and thinking through your circumstances will not be as productive as intuiting in the moment where your attention wants/needs to go. One moment at a time, your adventure unfolds.” in partnership with Athena

*photo by John Peters

Heart and Mind

Memories stinging,
thoughts that attack,
stories remembered
that bring you back,
to see once was
with shaded eyes,
deceptive words
may tell you lies.

Mind’s narration,
a tale of old,
you are the victim 
as the story unfolds.
Lines are blurred,
reality unclear,
piecing a tale
you wish to hear.
The loop plays out,
feelings collide,
temper flares 
and then subsides.

For your thoughts 
to rearrange,
the storyteller 
needs to change.
Your heart allows 
a higher view,
a gentler way
to see anew.

Feeling good 
is not the goal,
growth and expansion,
being part of the whole.
Perspective shifts
in present time
helps your mind 
to pause and rewind.
As your heart
becomes engaged,
it quiets the voice 
that is enraged.

Stuck in a story 
that’s not yours to tell, 
a plot running through it
you don’t know as well.
Heart and mind,
together will find
the wisdom and truth 
that is there to mine.
A nugget of gold
to be cherished 
and told.

Before your birth
you had agreed
to be an actor 
for your soul family.
Hero or villain,
jester or sage,
you show up
upon their page.
Every story 
must come 
to an end
just to allow
a beginning again.

An outstretched hand

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We, the Arcturians, come today to bring greetings and to acknowledge the peace & harmony that is being birthed at this time. You are now allowing frequencies to be attained that have not been otherwise. You are all stretching yourselves to reach higher and we wish to offer our assistance in any way possible. We are here to help bring about the world you are choosing/you have chosen. This world is coming about through the attention you are placing outside of your lives and onto a bigger landscape that benefits/includes others, both in humanity and in animals. Mother Earth is benefitting equally through this loving attention and as more of you soften and open to the kindness that is within you, everything transforms. As it transforms, your lives will become easier and the attention you place on your troubles shift to finding the solutions that will rectify the problems plaguing your lands and people. These will come in time, divine time, and it will be where you all can finally leap into the vibration of 5D. Both accessible and supportive, you then will move effortlessly towards the future of your homeland and reap the rewards your long and sometimes arduous journey has brought to you. We wish you to know that we are your partners if you choose and we offer you an outstretched hand in peace, in harmony and in love.”   in partnership with The Arcturians

*photo by Jeff Golenski