Living in joy

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message, dear One, is to let you know that the time of celebration is near. Some might ask-what are we celebrating? And that question resounds loud and clear as people from ALL places are sitting with their heads down, looking only with what is in front of them. But as you look up and around and start engaging more with your heart, you will be able to “feel” into the newness that is emerging in your lives & in the lives of others. This newness is not the same busyness that it once was when things changed in your landscape. This is more of an energetic shift that will lighten you regardless of your circumstances and if you allow it, it will float around you enabling you to access new, exciting parts/aspects of yourself & others. This will surprise and delight you as things unfold for you to experience wholeheartedly with joy, laughter and abandon. It could be a sunset, a rainbow or having a song play a message you need to hear. All of these, available for you to witness and know that there is more, much more, than meets the eye. 

  And that is when you move into celebration. Celebrating the beauty and perfection in the moment you stand in. That is where your joy resides. Move into it, live in it and your lives will reflect so much of this enJOYment.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Dave Hoefler


Are we

coming or going? 

Emotions overflow,


Old debris swept away,

only to reveal more.

Pause, breathe, trust.

Love the holy mess, that we are.

Surrendering into grace,

through the eyes of the Divine,

all is seen anew.

Exploring the new

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As you sit warm and cozy in your home and you look out the window to an unfriendly world, we will say this to you- move off your couch and explore the new that is peeking out, beginning to grow, laying down its roots. This new growth is where your attention should be in order to nurture and love it into creation. These seeds are the garden and as they grow, it expands the horizon of your purview. You are no longer seeing the view out your window but a world view that is inclusive and unifying. The singular, familiar image is replaced with multiple landscapes, a wider perspective that includes many facets, colours and tones of expression. Your world becomes an interesting exchange of the old falling away to the new being built. As this process continues down the road less travelled, more and more people show up walking beside you until you are all walking together, breaking new ground, exploring, pioneering and leading the way for the ones who follow. This can be done through hard work or you can allow your many helpers to carry some of the load and it can begin to flow with the grace of God, the ease of surrender. Allow the helping hand, receive all the gifts that are available to you and appreciate the precious moment you stand in.” in partnership with Melchezidek

*photo by Denys Nevozhai

State of allowance

Boundaries fall away 

to soft expansion,

becoming fluid.




In a state of allowance…any resistance/rigidity within us fades away. We merge into the Oneness as fluid streams of love, light and receptivity.

The collective has chosen

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is a kind and considerate thank you to all who are stepping forward to support their family, friends and neighbours during this time of transition. We are transiting from one dimensional foundation to another and although this sounds extraordinary, it is the natural way evolution works. You keep evolving, expanding and becoming. Now what is extraordinary, beyond measure, is that the collective has chosen this path, thereby ensuring that no one is left out/behind. It might not look that way considering the division displayed within your countries and communities but even so, you have all agreed that the whole will lift. I am proud of this accomplishment amidst the unrest and unsureness you are experiencing. 

 I am supporting you with the love that is streaming through and the light that is pouring/radiating in from every corner of the Universe. You are making news and everyone is taking notice. You are leading the way by opening up your hearts and listening to the messages of faith, love and compassion. Each time you choose a thought that is peaceful over an angry one, we all benefit. Each time you measure your response and frame it in a loving way, we all benefit. And each time you gaze upon someone who you define as a foe and you hold that gaze until your eyes become tolerant, compassionate, we all benefit. Know that in each delicious moment of opportunity, your expression can benefit the whole, can lift us up and light us up. You will see how the world will become the Kingdom through your care and consideration. And so it is.” in partnership with God

*photo by Annie Spratt

Becoming whole

You may choose…

to invite every aspect of yourself to unify within your being.

to welcome home each aspect that was cast out, ignored and judged as unworthy. 

to receive them in love, unconditional acceptance. 

to embrace them within your light as Divine expression that taught and expanded us. Each seen as of God and held compassionately within your heart so that all can be forgiven, healed and released. 

to extend this love to all you see before you and to all that is.