Discerning truth

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we will discuss the ability to discern truth. There will be a lot of information streaming in now and not all of it will be based in truth. Truth is the foundation of the Kingdom and it keeps everything stable and solid. It bounds us with a collective knowledge that feeds the soul and guides us forward. We all depend on this foundation to base our knowing on and it is paramount in the days ahead to discern whether someone is speaking the truth. The best way to know is to go within and check with your intuition. This is your guide and one that will never fail you if you learn how to access and use it. When you receive information that creates an uncomfortableness then shut your eyes, take a few breaths and check in with yourself. Are you uneasy? What is your body trying to tell you? Are you hearing any messages from your heart? Do not count solely on your mind. It does not have all the appropriate tools for discernment, bring your heart and body into the equation. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the information you can ask questions and your Higher Self & your guides will offer you the necessary feedback to help you understand better what is truly being communicated. Trust in yourselves and your intuitive abilities. As you practice discernment, you will grow proficient and it will not take you long when you hear untruths to recognize them for what they are.”God

The healing power of Water

My daughter and I have just been away. One of our stops was Lourdes, France and as souvenirs we brought back some healing water. I decided to look it up and see why it is considered so special and what I found was that it is the “belief” in its healing powers that creates miracles. So, this morning as I showered I started speaking with the spirit of Water. I thanked it for all that it gives us and as it flowed over me , I absorbed it and saw it healing my body. The energy of connection was tangible and as my belief in the water’s abilities expanded so did the feeling of healing. I asked for a message and this is what I received. I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Yes, my essence is healing. As I flow over you, you can choose to absorb my healing powers deep within you. Visualize the water seeping in and healing any areas that need it. Know & have faith that I am healing you, trust & have faith in my ability to heal. This is important because without this belief, my essence just flows on the surface and washes away the grime of the day. But to know me is to allow me to truly be absorbed in and to cleanse the grime of years of mistreatment and pain. Allow me to rinse away the pain and damage your body is holding. Trust in my abilities and know that when you invite me to help, you start working with me. Together we can wash away the past so that you sparkle in the newness of what is your true Divine state, pure love. Together we can rule your life with flow and ease.”

Your life as art

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we will discus the power of beauty in your words and deeds. As you go throughout your day speaking and doing, you are painting a canvas of your life. The picture that you are drawing is imbued with colour and tone. These aspects of you impress the landscape that is the image of your life. They create the beauty that etches the lines in your drawing. What picture does your day take on? Is it a masterpiece or a scribble? Is there a lot of detail or is it a drawing with a few lines laid out on paper? You get to decide how much time you want to put into it, how much effort & attention and whether you are proud of it at the end of the day. Each action, interaction, thought, denotes colour & tone and creates an overall effect that takes on the textures of your lives. Some are vibrant in their colours and rich in their tones and others like a bleaker black & white existence. Neither is better than the other but it is always a choice how much effort you want to put into your daily canvas. When all is said & done and you place your head on the pillow at night, your work of art is the result of your attention that day. Was it worth your effort or did you feel that maybe more detail, attention, time, love, could have been put into this image that you created? There is so much beauty you each have to offer and at times you hold yourself back from this expression that is yours alone to give. Once you learn that you are the paintbrush and the world is your canvas, then in each moment the beauty of your true nature will spread joy & love and colour your day. Bold strokes emblazoned.” Yeshua


Through love

I had a powerful epiphany this morning. I was sending a dear friend healing energy when I first decided to connect our hearts. Through this act of love, I asked Archangel Raphael to shine Divine healing energy through my heart and into hers. The reception felt complete. It was sent in love and received in love.