In truth

I felt into the collective this morning and I felt fear of the unknown, uncertainty. What will we be without our institutions, the people who tell us what to do, where to go, what to think?

  This time is showing us how to move from moment to moment in our being-ness. It is a practice run. What does freedom feel like? There is nowhere we “need” to be. What do we want to do? Where does our attention go? We are getting a taste so when the times comes, we can emerge in our Sovereignty… “knowing who we are, what we are and how we serve.”*

There is no-thing to fear.

*”I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.” an attunemmet of the True self from The Guides through Paul Selig 

The Bright Queen

I offer this fable from my heart to yours with love.

Once upon a time in a faraway country there lived a queen. Now this was no ordinary queen, no, this was a very bright queen. She was the smartest in all the land and she could answer any question and explain anything at the snap of your fingers. People would come from all over the world to ask her their questions and when she gave them the answers they were very happy. So happy in fact, that they would reward her with anything her heart desired. Now the queen always wished for just one thing. She asked them to go and teach everything they learned. She wanted them to share their knowledge so it could benefit the whole village. Each time she answered a question she would always finish with … “and let them all know.”

  Over time the questions became harder but the queen was always able to offer the answer, and over the many years the people in all the villages became smarter & smarter. Until one day there were no more questions. They were all able to find the answers themselves. And the queen was able to live happily ever after enjoying her garden and having fun.

The End.

It begins with our knowing

Imagine the feeling of being loved and appreciated. Sit there a moment and drink it in.

Now imagine that there is one person who has decided that they don’t like you. That how you express doesn’t resonate with them and they let you know. 

Sit in that feeling of disharmony a moment. 

This happens to us daily and we allow our self-worth to seesaw up and down depending on other people.

What if, instead of giving our power away, we choose to give ourselves the love and appreciation we desire. To KNOW that we are perfect, unique expressions of the Divine. That our self-worth is only dependent on our own acknowledgement and unconditional acceptance of who and what we are. 

What if we allow others to express the way they want to, knowing that they too, are unique, perfect aspects of Source. 

The world would be in love, harmony and peace.🙏

Divine Timing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are coming together as a collective to offer our knowledge and love inside the codes that are being downloaded and integrated. We are giving you the tools to come on board and they will all develop in divine timing. There is a little bit of a waiting game as some of you are not fully ready to step into the roles you have chosen at this time. This pause is not passive but is happening to allow for the greater opportunity to present and when it does, everything will fall into place. Know that even though you seem to be twiddling your thumbs at the moment, that is pure illusion. So many things are being understood and are being laid out for you so that when the time comes, you will be ready and the help that is available will be accessed easily. Trust in us and in yourselves and know that many things are being prepared for you to return to the “new” normal.” in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

What do you need?

In this moment, what do you need?
Are you thirsty, tired, sad?

Do you need sustenance, rest, self-love, connection? As we sense, feel, and be in the moment more, we will come to understand what it is that we need for our well-being. Allow the moment you sit in to nourish you. 

Bringing our highest vibration

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“On this day we come together with the intention of bringing our highest vibration to the collective. Allow yourself the time to sit in the day’s energies, integrate and allow them to braid through your systems so that they can help uplift and support you. We are sending you many messages within these energies so that you will be able to maintain the frequencies that you lift to. Have no fear that you will be left out or unable to receive, it is not possible since they are given to the whole and accepted by the whole. When we notice you dipping lower in your vibrations, we turn it up a notch and this aids in your well-being and in your overall ability to cope and manage any stressors you are dealing with. This is what role we are taking and we are delighted in seeing the way you are able to welcome these energies in. This has not always been the case but now you are working alongside us to improve the conditions in which you are all living in. So today, if you could take a moment and sit with the intention of joining us, as One, in harmony & peace, we would appreciate it. Let yourself have the time to connect with your brothers and sisters. Even if you cannot see them, they are there always available and always willing to come together. All you need do is ask. We will join you and together we will bring in the age of Aquarius.” in partnership with Yeshua