We are becoming whole (2nd. Version)

My True Self 
will set me free.
My small self
does not agree.
It blocks my view
so I won’t see 
this aspect 
of the Creator 
in me. 

me separate,
dimming my light,
holds on tight.
Playing roles
that wish to please
but in the end,
creates unease.
Sitting upon a
self-made throne,
seeking control
and feeling alone.

The ego mind
cannot define
this part of me
in sovereignty.
It holds onto
its desperate rule,
using confusion 
as a powerful tool.

The wise heart 
sees through 
all defences.
It reassures and 
pulls down fences 
that secretly hide 
my spark inside.
Its gentle voice
encouraging me 
to fully surrender
so I can BE
in joyful

In love and trust,
my small self 
To the God within,
she humbly 
And so it’s done,
two selves 
become One.
Whole and free,
braided together 
in unity.

“I Have Come. I Have Come. I Have Come.” Melchizedek through Paul Selig

*this poem is a second attempt to describe realization.
The first version is the post “Whole and Free” on July 9th, 2021.

A dose of healing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We have come today to share our blue light and to help open you to the aspect of the Divine that is inherent within each of you. We know that although you choose feelings/experiences of separation it is not the truth of who you are. When you release this illusion and move back into your inherent wholeness, you will look towards new ways to heal and be in your lives on Earth. We are here and always available to offer up a dose of healing, loving light to rest within your systems. As you bring/accept them in, they will allow you to move into a greater coherence with your own divine heart wisdom and will help heal the many wounds that are waiting to be nourished and loved back into wellness. You have within you the ability to heal and what we are offering you is a gentle nudge that encourages movement in that direction. Knowing that you have everything you need is a powerful place to be in. When you fully realize this, true healing, everlasting healing can occur. If you choose to accept our gift you may just receive by visualizing our blue light radiating through you. So sit, breathe, open yourself and know that there is assistance available if you choose it. We are your partners and we are here to offer you our love and healing support.” in partnership with the Pleiadians 

*photo by okeycat 

The heart is your home

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message allows us to come together in a joyful, loving way and share our hearts as One. The heart is your home. It is a place inside your vessel that holds a part of you that shines eternally. This place is always available to light you up. To bring you into a blissful state where Divine connection can be felt and experienced. You can become proficient, an expert at bringing yourself into this state of being through diligence and practice. Spending time with your heart, allowing the messages of wisdom to be heard and honouring your feelings will always renew you. You can depend on this safe haven making your heart a welcoming place by opening it up like petals of a flower blooming. Imagine a young bud tightly closed and as it matures, each petal loosens, opens, until it is in full blossom. Your heart is similar and as you open up to the beauty within you, all the love, wisdom and grace flows forth and fills you up. You are home, safe, comfortable, content and peaceful. And in the comfort of your home, your life unfolds before you to entertain and teach for your enjoyment. “ in partnership with Yeshua

HeartMath breathing technique: Drop your attention to your heart or chest area. Breathe a little slower and deeper (4 to 5 sec) through your heart like a column of air. Do this for a few minutes with eyes opened or closed. If you attention moves back up to your mind, gently bring it back down to your heart. 

Grateful for you

Feeling gratitude for the Divine in all 

Thank you each for your being. 
Your heart flame brightens us. 
Your honoured feelings strengthens us. 
Your experience expands us.
You are beautiful, 
unique expressions of Source.

Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

*photo by Jakob Owens

Colourful beings

of colour
we are
moving, shifting
brilliant shades

moments painted
on living canvasses
changing landscapes
within fields 
of divergent

bright bursts
with muted
we are
the whole spectrum
light to dark

beautiful array
of infinite possibilities 
splattered at first
gently becoming
our masterpiece 

Digging deep

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The message I am about to relate is given through the joy shared between all souls here and beyond. We are ONE in every way and as you move together in realization to the truth of who you are, many great and wonderful things will begin to occur. At first, you will notice these blessings in your everyday life, synchronicities, opportunities, even perceived difficulties, all will play out as you walk together into unknown territory within your evolution. These times you are in, support you and are there to allow your growth unhindered as it was in the past. Nothing, no-thing can stop you now. As you all manage your lives the best you can, the experiences you have will grow incrementally to support your inner development. Nothing is wasted. All is being used to either teach, release, learn from, expand or simply “be” in the vibration of a feeling or thought you have chosen. Understand that nothing is being “done to you”. Instead see yourself moving through places of experiences in order to express the deepest recesses of your being. Yes, you are digging deep and this excavation will continue until all is seen so it can no longer affect you and determine your responses. You may see anew, a fresh way, a clear perspective without the “old” fogging up your lens. Be patient and meet each moment with gratitude for the time will come when you can rest and be in your knowing that all is Divine.” in partnership with Archangel Michael.

*photo by dylan nolte