Our wish for humankind

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We have come today to bear witness to the growth and expansion occurring at this time. As we do so, we are able to move into resonance with humankind and the All That Is. This resonance/coherence allows us to feel and understand the underlying aspects of your day-to-day circumstances you are learning from. These aspects albeit different depending on your vibrational level, determines the results of your choices. These results/end product of your choices then leads you on a trajectory that we call a timeline. Each individual creates  personal and collective timelines. And within each moment, altering them both at any given time. You are choosing in every moment and this free will is a great blessing and a great responsibility. Sometimes through naivety and ignorance, you create timelines that are not for yours or anyone’s highest good. We ask you today, to be more aware, more cognizant of the many choices you make through your actions, thoughts and words. We are asking you to expand your perspective and see your lives as intertwined. How your choices affects others. How your harsh words, judgemental thoughts and rash actions cause a ripple effect, like a pebble thrown in a pond. We are asking you to take a little extra time before you react, write or say something that may harm another. This is our request and our wish for humankind. That you extend your hands in helping ways and that your peaceful thoughts and kind words will be your way forward.” in partnership with the Dragon Collective 

*photo by Klara Kulikova

Starts with love and ends with love

I had wanted a better understanding of forgiveness. This is the wisdom I received from my Trueself. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Forgiveness is a total/complete experience. It is a full circle that always starts with love and ends with love. No matter where you are on the journey (in relationship to), it is the truth of who and what we are that guides you to the realization, there is no “other”. That everything within our world is intertwined, woven together so that we can dance with an experience/opportunity. The dance is the communication, both physical and mental, and the emotional fallout that arises with each encounter. We are always in relationship with and yet this is an internal and external experience. Once we fully understand the dance, we can begin to lead. Leading is not controlling, it is flowing together, moving in sync and creating a beautiful partnership that loves and honours each step. Forgiveness is understanding that you might have had your feet stepped on, missed a beat or strained  a muscle but the dance you were in was an experience of two. You both showed up, came together and started moving. Let go of the stories and the ideas of right and wrong and just appreciate the opportunity to dance with a partner.”
my Trueself

Happy Solar Eclipse

Today and in all days, I sit in peace, in love and in joy. I offer this to myself first with gentle forgiveness. I forgive what I have created and have experienced in fear knowing that all is opportunity. I am grateful for the lessons and choose to move beyond the illusion of separation.
   I see the world before me, witnessing the divine in all, the beauty in you and on Earth. 
During the intensive livestream “ The Truth of Being” (Melchizedek through Paul Selig) a question was asked about the energies around the eclipse on April 8. This is what the Guides said…

“Be very careful what you ask for. You will manifest more quickly. But the schism between the dark side and the light side might be amplified so that the creations that you make at a time of great change have greater impact. This is not a warning. It is about being responsible to what you wish and what you put your attentions on. Those of you who seek or demand outcomes born in fear and violence will be choosing very poorly now. Those of you who are lifting to a level of peace that you wish to share with others will serve everyone through the simple choice to know the world in peace.”

“Behold, I make all things new. It will be so. 
   God Is. God Is. God Is.”🙏

*photo by Mark Divier

We are more powerful together than apart

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We stand in front of you, united in peace, joy, wisdom, knowledge and love. We group together, for as a whole we are more powerful than as individuals. Our message today is of the same vein as our united expression. “Come together”. For as you do, you will understand, two is better than one and many are better than a few. Instead of focusing on your differences, what annoys you and your conflicting belief systems, focus on your similarities, your mutual priorities and the shared dreams you hold for the future of your kind. Allow these to bring you together, for as you do, you become more powerful than the forces that are pulling you apart. Take a stand today, reach out and support each other. Allow your different expressions to be in harmony and see how your world transforms. You are all more powerful together than you are apart.” in partnership with the Dragon Collective