Your heart’s desire

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Sit with me, in my energy. Allow the loving essence that is the All That IS. Allow yourself to let go of the shoulds, whys, the what fors, all your excuses, stories, lies about yourself and others. Within this space of love, you may be just YOU. Your pure presence, pure acceptance, untainted by any other moment, brings you into the beautiful now where all potential exists. This space of dreams, hope, well-being, peace and creative potential. Sit here with me and tell me- what do you need? what do you see and what do you want to see? Share your heart’s desire with me. Talk to me and let me share with you these dreams you hold. Once you can sit in this space and feel, communicate these desires, creation begins. A clear message is sent out. “Bring this to me. Thank you!” But if you do not have a dream, a desire -the universe hears that too. So, as you move into 2024, I encourage you to get a clear vision of the life you wish to live and the world you wish to live in.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Roven Images

Loss and Found

a space 
is created.

Is it a hole,
empty, nothing
is it potential,
a place
to welcome
the unknown?

what was,
what is,
and nurtures
what will be.

A loss, 
and grieved,
to be found
and sown
with love.


The great deceiver Fear,
whispers in our ear…
“they are wrong, we are right,
time to put up a good fight.”
Judgement swells as rifts appear,
we stand for something, it seems so clear.
Beliefs become our God of choice,
the weapon yielded is our loud, proud voice.
Separation, wide and deep,
grows daily keeping us asleep.
In the dark, afraid of a breach,
our mind keeps truth beyond our reach.

The great healer Love,
whispers in our ear…
“they are worthy and so are we,
time to allow us all to be.”
Compassion flows through every heart,
mending the pain holding us apart.
We come together, united we pray.
Differences dissolve and float away.
When all illusion fades in light,
the God within stands true and bright.
As One, we silence Fear’s false tales
and rise in peace as Love prevails.

*photo by Kyle Glenn


To be in joy
and have some fun,
to share a giggle 
like a little one.
To be set free
and free to BE,
to see all beauty
in and out of me.
To be in awe,
in wonder of
all nature’s gifts
and those above.
To be as love,
in witness to,
your pure perfection,
the God in you.
To be receptive
to all life brings,
to know the truth 
in everything. 
To be in peace
and grateful for
each moment lived, 

There can be peace.

Channeled wisdom, Melchizedek through Paul Selig 

“The truth of your reality, which you don’t wish to hear, is that you are highly participatory in everything you see. “Well, I didn’t make that happen.” Perhaps not. But you are party to the creation through the expectations you hold, which are born in a common language of potential and possibility. When everybody agreed that man could fly, that it was a potential that could be realized, indeed someone flew. When you all decide that there can be peace, when it becomes an actual possibility, it will be claimed.” 

Attunement to say each morning:
    “I am in peace. I am acting in peace. I am serving in peace for the highest good of all.”     
Melchizedek through Paul Selig.

*photo by David Tip