Relinquish, release, relax, recharge, renew, re-see

I offer this message from my heart to your with love.

“Sit in my energy. Drink it in and know that all that was is no longer. Release the pain, the shame, the regret and any other aspect/feeling keeping you separate from your true expression/experience. Allow the knowledge that the now moment, the one you are currently sitting in, is for your highest good. It is this presence that will serve you best. Not the old stories that you use to guide you but new creations of new realities that are here to serve you. These will play out in ways that allow you to manifest the opportunities you wish to experience. Once you release “the old ways of doing/seeing things” you can live anew. With me as your guide today, I will help sift through your “mind files” and delete the ones that are outdated/outmoded. Sit awhile, relax and allow yourself to let go of the old so that the new can be seen.” in partnership with the Moon

*photo by Aron Visuals