Play with your reality

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We come today to play. We play in energies that support the highest good and we wish to engage and explore all the playgrounds, areas of interest that are so bountiful there on Earth. Within yourselves and your life, there is so much that is waiting to be discovered and explored above your usual preliminary acknowledgment. Your internal playgrounds need to be found and time must be spent in order to fully enjoy the sights, sounds, lights etc., that only come into existence through the experience of “being” there. Staying inside the area that you are exploring without moving on to something new that has caught your attention. When you explore with all your senses, you get to see the depth, the many levels that are waiting to be experienced and possibly seen anew. This allows you to envision what you have once done with fresh eyes. When you are open “to play”, you create a whole new world within the realm of past feelings, perspectives, ideas, beliefs and assumptions. You can play with your reality and create a new one. With your imagination, all things can be re-seen. Relationships, circumstances, memories of things past, re-shaped into another way to experience. This “play”, for it is indeed joyful, changes/alters your inner world where you can heal, let go and birth a new way of being. Enjoy all the many aspects/facets of this truly wonderful opportunity to re-know yourself and others and create a  world that allows you to live as joyfully, abundantly and lovingly as you wish. Play, play and play some more.” in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

Happy Love Day!

To all the beautiful hearts who love, care, nurture and support the hearts around them…May you know how grateful we are for you!  Sending love, appreciation and a big hug.

*photo by Annie Spratt


It is time.
It is time to believe in myself, trust myself, embrace myself.
It is time to be powerful, masterful, loving and BRIGHT-
I can do this humbly, gently, kindly and thoughtfully.
It is time to completely surrender and allow. 
To truly allow God to lead me. 
It is time to listen, to receive and to dream.
It is time to co-create. To step into the new-BOLDLY.
It is time to have fun, to shrug off all burden 
and to live with ease, grace and well-being.
It is time to let wonder and magic play in my life. 
It is time to open up to the possibilities, blessings and gifts 
that are present, available and waiting for me to say yes…

Are you ready? 
Can you feel it?

Is it time?