Holding each other in LOVE

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love. 

As we move into relationship with someone and love blossoms, so do we. This happens in sexual relationships but it also happens in friendships. When we are in “relationship” we are always exchanging energy. Love is the energy that supports us, nourishes us and allows us to shine……

“Love is an aphrodisiac. It heightens all your senses, it moves through your systems as a wave of high vibrational energy, alerting, allowing, accepting and acknowledging the Divine in you. As you attune to this level of vibration, you open up like a flower blooming and with this openness, wondrous things happens. Your physical body softens/ relaxes, your boundaries expand and your senses heighten. All your senses, not just your physical ones but your telepathy and your connection to Source. You move more into your Oneness in this state of blooming  and you allow yourself the openness to receive the gifts of love, not only in a physical way but in a spiritual way as well. The connection you hold with each other is a dancing of light. It blends and shines. It is a give & take, an ebb & flow and it is a gift that is precious. May you hold each other in LOVE and celebrate your Oneness.” in partnership with Yeshua

Welcome the opportunity to learn

 As you move through a lesson another one will take its place. This is the beauty of unfoldment. Flow brings us these opportunities to learn, to grow, to expand. Welcome them. Celebrate them. If you feel anger, resentment or frustration with the circumstances in front of you, welcome that too and then let it go. Choose to learn through the lens of the heart with acceptance and wonder.  Allow grace and receive the gifts in each opportunity.

Shine, glitter and glow

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“This is a powerful message. Powerful in its content and in the energies woven through these words. Power is not what you have defined it in the past. Power is the ability to be in presence with your heart wide open, with your feet planted firmly and your voice gentle and loving. Power is the ability to show up wherever you are and give entirely of yourself without denying yourself anything. Power is beauty, for you express through beauty, you create through beauty and beauty is who each one of you truly are. You shine when you allow yourself the power of your expression. You glitter when you step powerfully into your creativity and you glow when you accept yourselves unconditionally. This is the power that you are all accessing now. So shine your brightest, Dear Ones, express, create and glow. Step powerfully forward for these are your days of enLIGHTenment.”
in partnership with Archangel Michael


    We are Source perfection. 

    Play with your physicality. Be creative in how you see your body and let your body guide you. We are Source energy beings. Let’s explore what that means to be of God in form.

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word. 

  I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.

 I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word”

     Energetic attunement from The Guides through Paul Selig


I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today our message is one of remembrance. This remembrance is dear to you because it brings you back to the Source of all things. It brings you home. When you allow yourselves to move into this feeling, this idea of coming home, your heart opens to welcome you in. This is the resting place before you fully integrate into your Oneness. As you move into your hearts you allow the process of braiding your small self with your True Divine self. This is, of course, a choice you make to surrender to Divine will and to move back to where you are all One. This is your remembrance. This time you are in is bringing you back to a place where you remember who and what you truly are. And that is a beautiful & grand place to be in.You have all chosen to be here and to help bring humanity to the next level and place in its/ your evolution. So for now, rest in your hearts, allow the process to bring you home and know that each one of you is worthy of this. We are waiting to greet and welcome you.”🙏

Breathe love through your heart

Within your heart centre is your Divine spark, a beautiful, eternal flame that is your true essence. Breathing through your heart fans the flame. Infusing your breath with love fuels it. Breathe in love, see the flame grow higher, shine brighter. 

Feel the heat. Become the flame. 🔥💛☀️