Coming home

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a special remembrance of the days that you were in your knowing as a collective. When all of you understood and remembered what it was like to be a part of the whole. Eons ago, we decided to split into fragments and experience separateness. It had been a long, arduous journey that has also been filled with many opportunities, blessings and gifts of knowledge that has been invaluable to our growth and overall well-being. As we move back to remembering who and what we truly are, many layers of deception that we have chosen are being pulled away so that we can be free from the restraints we have been living with. This is good news and although you are going through uncomfortable times, rest assured that the journey out the other end will be well worth your effort. You will soon understand the extent of the deception you have been willingly in. There are no victims here only master souls learning, expanding and becoming. So, with each growing pain, feel the expansion. With each heartrending release feel joy. And with each movement forward feel freedom. You are all coming home. You are all welcomed home and you will finally understand the amazing opportunity/journey you have been living. 

    We thank you for all your work/effort you have put into bringing your light, shining your light and illuminating the world.” 

in partnership with Yeshua

You are in your safety

Dear Friends💛

   I hope this note finds you well. I have been thinking of you and wanted to reach out. Although these are uncertain times, it is also our opportunity to slow down and allow things to unfold. I know in my heart that we will all be given what we need in the moment we need it. We are in our safety.

      I would like to offer you a short and powerful breathing technique from HeartMath. Doing this for a couple of minutes throughout your day will bring you into a calm, coherent and balanced state. I use it often. 

   “Drop your attention down to your heart or chest area.” This will allow your mind to focus on the heart, to quiet and to bring the intention of heart connection.

 “ Breathe through your heart, like a column of air, a little slower and deeper than usual. A 4 or 5 sec. inhale and a 4 or 5 sec. exhale.” Do this for a couple of minutes. If your mind wanders just bring it gently back to your heart.

“ Now re-imagine and re- experience a feeling of gratitude, appreciation or care.” Bring the feeling up and sit with it a minute or two. This could be remembering a pet, or a sunset or gratitude for the blessings in your life.etc…

“Breathe this feeling in and out of your heart for a couple of minutes.”

   This exercise has been scientifically proven to help balance your autonomic nervous system and to bring your heart rate variable into a coherent state. It helps you physically, mentally and emotionally. It is easy to do and you could do it anywhere. 

I am sending you all so much love. We are One.💛🙏💛

A fable about a kind king

I offer this fable from my heart to yours with love.

Once upon a time in a faraway country there lived a king. Now this king was not an ordinary king, no, this king was very special because he cared deeply about all of his subjects who lived in his kingdom. Everyday, and all day, he would welcome anyone who came to visit. He would allow them to ask him as many questions as possible and he would take his time to explain, in great detail, the reasons why he would rule a certain way. He always encouraged feedback especially the comments that disagreed with him because they were the ones he could convince through his wise words and kind heart. He loved all of his subjects and he wanted to lead with compassion and generosity so that he would not only have a prosperous kingdom but a happy one as well. 

   One day an evil sorcerer came into his castle disguised as a jester. Slowly but surely, he turned the people against the king until one day, there was an uprising. The king was surprised at the anger and hatred that was expressed and he fell into a deep sadness. The sorcerer took his chance and stole the kingdom by overthrowing the guards and taking the king prisoner. He put him in the tower and began to rule with an iron fist and a closed heart. It didn’t take long before the people realized the mistake they made and they felt lost without their beloved king. 

    One day a little girl decided to write the king a letter and tell him how much she missed him. She tied her note onto a dove and the dove flew up to the tower and gave the note to the king. When the king read the warm-hearted note his sadness lifted and his heart soared. Each time he read it, he became more and more powerful until he was able to knock down the door. As soon as the guards saw him they laid down their swords and pledged to follow him to take back the kingdom. As soon as he went into the courtyard and his people saw him, they all cheered in greeting and celebrated his return. Everybody’s hearts were full of love and gratitude for the kind king.

   Once the guards captured the sorcerer, he was brought before the king and everyone waited to hear his punishment. But instead the king decided to teach the sorcerer a lesson by putting him into a room with many mirrors. He was sentenced there until the sorcerer could reflect the beauty of his own true heart and when that happens he will be free to go.

Each day as the sorcerer looked into the mirror, the mirror reflected all the anger and hurt that had closed his heart. But as he sat there in silence, something magical happened. Each time he witnessed what was inside him, it disappeared. And with each passing day, all his anger and pain dissipated until all that was left was a reflection of light and love, for this was his true nature. Finally, after thirty days he emerged from his mirrored room feeling very grateful for the gift the king had given him. They became best friends and they ruled the kingdom together for a very, very long time.

The End.

Become wholly/holy present

This time we have been given is an opportunity. 

An opportunity for us to become wholly/holy present.

When your mind is racing ahead or stuck in a past memory, you create a feeling of separateness. Bringing yourself back into the present moment allows you to experience your wholeness and our Oneness. 

Divine energies

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.
“We have gathered here today at the time of the equinox to download sublime, loving and healing energies to you. Open yourselves up to receive them for they are a gift. Accept them in with gratitude and allow them to soothe, heal and love all aspects of yourselves that are struggling in this moment. Trust that we are with you, beside you, guiding you, supporting you and offering our love at every opportunity. You can feel us if you open yourself up to believe in our Oneness. And even though you are isolating in the physical realm, we are all together in the etheric realm. Know that whatever your needs are they will be met in the moment. Call to you the very things that you wish to experience and trust/know that they will show up in Divine timing. Be in your intention and trust that how things/events play out are for the highest and best for all. We are there with you, beside you in love and peace.” in partnership with Archangel Gabrielle

Now is an opportunity

Love leads us home.

We have an opportunity now to practice love and care for ourselves and others. 

When we slow down, we naturally align to our hearts. 

Breathe in gratitude and peace.