You are…

Close your eyes, take a long, deep conscious breath, feel into your body…now dissolve your boundaries, become one with your surroundings. As you breathe, expand out. You are LIMITLESS.
Feel the freedom and power of your beingness. 

We are Divine beings

   Feel your power and allow it to rise up from your heart center and fill you with the knowing that you are worthy, enough, whole and perfect just as you are. Allow your mind to relax and your small self to let go. Accept all the love, joy, peace, abundance and wellbeing that is your inheritance. It is time.

Sending you love

I asked Source…”What can I do?” and the response I heard was 

“Be yourself and share the love you feel”.

 I am sending YOU LOVE. This love is our essence, who we truly are. It says THANK YOU for everything you bless us with. Your unique, beautiful, perfect expression of YOU. You are the face of GOD and I see you, I know you, I am you.

We are ONE

One with each other

One with GOD 

In love

As love


The meaning of “sacred”

This message came through me and I offer it from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we will discuss what “sacred” is. We use this word to describe something that we hold close to our hearts. When most people use sacred to describe a thing/ person/place they are generally referring to an intense, overwhelming feeling of oneness that is brought into their consciousness through Divine thought. Through our collective consciousness, we can deem what we see before us in a different way. When we move into the “sacredness” of something, we are accessing streams of consciousness that we generally do not access. This way of perceiving is usually with a heightened regard and a loving approach. We are embracing that side of us that accepts the Divine in what we see before us. It is always beautiful to witness this in action and it creates a powerful sanctuary of communion when applied. Anything can be seen as sacred because all is of God. Allow yourself to move through your days noticing what draws you in, then give it your loving attention and in that moment, you have created a sacred union. Your life becomes a blessing to God, to the sacred and for you.”Yeshua