Wings of Love

Raise your hearts
above the fray.
Choose your thoughts
and don’t dismay.
You have come
to a place that’s free.
Flying high
so you can be 
at peace and see 
the world around.

Hear the sound
of the one note sung
and blessed echos 
of the bell that’s rung.
The Divine in us
knows what’s true.
The love in me
feels the love in you.

Living in gratitude

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“This message celebrates gratitude and the power of its precious gift of thanks, presence, acknowledgement, opportunity and significant feeling. 

          Many times gratitude is given when you receive what you want or when you have a heightened sense of appreciation for someone or something. You are grateful for it being in your life for you realize that without it, you would miss it. However, gratitude can also be seen as a way of looking at everything whether you deem it good or bad. When you are aware of Source in all matter/beings and experience it in your life, you may trust that it was placed there for a reason. And even though this reason may not be understood in the moment, a feeling of gratitude lifts everything to a higher purview. For example, if you meet an impatient or angry person on the street and they take you out of your good mood, leaving you reeling, you have two ways of dealing with it. You may condemn the person and give them back their anger. In this way, you have lowered and aligned your energy with them. And for the rest of the day, you may struggle with a bad mood. Or, you can bless the person in front of you, grateful for the opportunity to lift them with your good mood, you may then go on with your day encouraged by how you feel. 

          Gratitude is a choice and a way of living. To be thankful for everything, understanding all is of God, allows you to be a part of lifting the collective field and also a way to manage your own energetics. This in turn supports you and the well-being of all others.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Donald Giannatti

Motion at Play

The joy 
of movement 
brings us glee.
It wiggles, 
sets us free.

lifting high
on tiptoes
reaching for the sky.

Turn around.
Touch your knees.
Wrinkle your nose.
Fake a sneeze.
Pose your body 
in deep freeze.
Energy moving
through your feet,
roots of a tree
grounding deep.

Blow air out
your mouth or nose.
Breathe it in
to smell a rose.
Put your hands 
upon your heart.
Take a breath
and say “restart”.

Dance around,
having fun.
Pretend your day
has just begun.
helps you find a way,
to move frustration 
into play.

*photo by MI PHAM

Greeting each moment as yourself

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We are here today to guide you forward through a playful and joyful conversation. Not everything you seek requires hard work, a heads down attitude. The “doing” days are over. You may begin to live your life with less struggle and more ease when you adjust to “ being” in the moment – enjoying whoever/whatever you are in relationship with. This ease of being, you have never truly experienced. In order for you to feel this, you must let go and trust. Trust has not been nourished in your world. You have been taught how to fear, how to protect yourselves and how to create rules to maintain order. But when you move into trust, you are open, accepting of the circumstances and the people that are in front of you. You are bringing the vibration of love and radiating it out. Your welcomeness says…”Come, you are safe, you are loved and we can be together in comfort.” When you trust, you show your true self to others, you express freely and you do not judge or fear being judged. This new way of being excites and ignites each one who is gifted by your presence. They, in turn, can trust and move into love with ease. This supports and benefits ALL, allowing your time on Earth to “play” out and be joyful. The joy is in the “living” of your life, not just existing and going through the motions. But, by showing up as yourself, greeting each moment as yourself. This is ease.  Let go of your doubting, your questions of whether you are good enough and embrace all of you. And then trust that everything waiting for you will be brought to you.” in partnership with Buddha

Blessings for you

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today we celebrate the many blessings that surround each and every one of you. These blessings are there in your field to receive and enjoy. Many of you are too busy living your lives, trying to do everything yourself, you do not take the time to receive. We surround you with circumstances that when given the appropriate choices will bring in more ease and address the different wishes you are calling to you. You are so busy “thinking” of how you are going to manage, you do not look around clearly at what might be in front of you. One conversation can change your life. One connection might bring you into another world to experience. Try to let go of your outdated agendas & outcomes and embrace a new way of being in your lives. You may find that once you do, you will see how much ease you can achieve and allow the flow to take you down stream effortlessly. When you surrender and let go of your musings, you can then fully experience what true receptivity feels like. This is trusting that what you see in front of you is serving you and knowing that there are blessings to be received within these moments of experience. Your life then blossoms for you to enjoy, allow the flowers in your garden to bloom. They have been planted for you.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Joshua Earle