From anger to love

A flow of feelings
stream through me.
I try to catch them
but I can’t see
the weave of
nerves in disarray,
creating a force 
that sweeps 
me away.

is swirling round,
thoughts as a storm
are taking form.
My active mind
becomes engaged,
anger turns into a rage.
It runs away 
until I see 
my responsibility. 
Emotions are not truly real,
they simply teach us 
how to feel.

A breath of calm,
ready to heal
pain that’s making 
my body reel.
Systems overloaded
settle down,
apologies offered,
forgiveness found.
Lessons learned
as our hearts share.
Struggle resolves
through choice of care.
Anger dissolves into thin air.
The sea of love is always there.

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