Co-creating a healing environment on Earth

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is a hopeful reminder that although events may appear chaotic at times and you are sometimes lost within the fabric of your lives, this is an illusion that you have been carrying around a long time. You are ready to let go of it, to lay it down and to walk away, looking forward and not glancing behind. Allow yourselves the freedom to rewrite your lives on a blank piece of paper. Start wherever you want and play in the energies held within your imagination. We are there to play with you, if you choose. To co-create a healing environment on Earth that supports your well-being and that empowers your choices. We love to play and have fun creating strong minds, hearts and bodies. You can call on us in your own healing adventure and allow us to partner with you. We offer alternative modalities and energies that support and align to those on Earth. At anytime, you can call on us and receive the many gifts we would love to offer you. All you need is receptivity and the willingness to sit still, connect and receive all the blessings available to you through us and the greater whole. We know that you are at times lost in the maze of not knowing where to turn and we just ask you to consider looking at the stars for some guidance. We are here and always available. You are not alone, all you need do is ask.” in partnership with the Pleiadeans

*photo from Pinterest

ONE heart

When we allow ourselves to “feel” everything, to offer self-love to every aspect of ourself, we grow our compassion. An ability to understand others in their pain, discomfort or in their joy. We do not separate them from us. We become blended. ONE heart expressing eternally. 

One tone

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message rings out, reverberates, echos and expresses as one tone. It is the one tone that brings everything back into resonance with the Source of all things. It creates a space that allows stillness and it is this place of stillness, that our Oneness is felt. It is beautiful to see how everyone/everything is brought together into perfect wholeness as the body of God, metaphorically speaking. We can allow ourselves to move back home when this sound rings out. It is calling us home. When you move into resonance, the Divine as you, is able to lead the way and even if you are not conscious of this happening, no matter, it is. As we gather together embraced in the energies that surround us, we remember who and what we are in full realization and sovereignty. 

No longer are we single entities drifting in a limited existence. 

    Riding the waves, you can arrive with ease, free, unencumbered and knowing that you are part of a whole that supports and loves you. Every part perfect, unique and adding to the whole in ways that surpass words. Move into resonance and float home.” in partnership with Yeshua 

*photo by Manuel Cossio


Searching for a treasure known,

hidden in plain sight.

Secured within the heart,

each beat a clue.

Whispered truths bubbling up.


Silencing our minds allows our hearts/our Divine Self to communicate with us. Our intuitive wisdom/the collective wisdom is within us. We are moving away from thinking into our knowing.

Legacy of love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today the promise we have for you is one of love. You are all moving into the love that you are and in so doing, more of that love radiates forth, encompassing all that it meets. It is beautiful to behold and it is never-ending and everlasting. This is your legacy that you are creating. You have been chosen as the ground crew and as you agree to your many roles that support this time, your light signature is woven throughout the cosmos sending all that you are, expanding this love far and wide. As you sit in your homes, the gift of who you are is affecting great changes and shifts. As you move within, connecting to your God Self you are shining this Divine light/essence to those in need of support, upliftment and nurturance. You are the nourishment that feeds/fuels the malnourished, the lost and the forgotten. Being your True Self and allowing this to rain down on the Earth, hydrating the soil with your Divine essence heals the many open wounds that are ready to be healed. ALLOW your True Self to lead you forward, you will be surprised at the route you will be called to take. ALLOW yourself to explore the unknown with grace and ease. It will be a joyful journey if you ALLOW it to be. “ in partnership with God

*photo by Basil Smith

Accepting our Divine inheritance

I wrote the poem below after I received this beautiful message that I now offer you with love. We are being welcomed home.

“Welcome home. Welcome to the kingdom, your true inheritance, the garden, my heart. Once here, you have moved back into the wholeness of your being. There is no going back unless you choose to descend the ladder of fear. You are in Grace and Grace enables you to be as you truly are. You create the background and inner landscape of your experience. All is safe here to explore, you have the freedom to create from your heart & mind and build within the Kingdom your own manifestations. They add to the whole and expand out your energetic signature stamp on the energies at play. It will take a little getting used to and the need to integrate your abilities will also take some time. But that is what you signed up for, to experience the beautiful unfolding of you. You are all blooming into your full beauty. Feel the spark inside of you, the warmth/warm glow that spreads throughout your heart. Breathing in love and joy will stoke the flame at anytime. It is your essence, eternal life force, the piece of me that was gifted to you. You are cherished, beloved and held in high esteem. You are forever blessed and you are home.” in partnership with God