The qualities of love

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Let’s explore the qualities we use when we love. Love is an all encompassing feeling but it can be broken down into the beautiful qualities we use to move us into this feeling. When we see others with eyes that reflect compassion & kindness, when we can see the God in each fellow human being and when we can accept them with open arms- that is love. That is when we can feel love that we can share and celebrate with each other. It is not possessive or conditional. It does not explain or ask anything of the other. It just exists, surrounding yourself and all that you come into contact with, like a mist from heaven. It permeates and feeds the heart with a fuel that fans your Divine spark/flame. And it is yours to give and receive. 

  Each day allow yourself to honour that part of you that shows up with these qualities no matter what you are experiencing. Allow yourself to spread this beautiful birthright, this heavenly mist…love.” in partnership with Yeshua

In joy

For most of my life I have been so serious. Serious in my seeking, being a good student and doing my homework diligently. But now, I am shaking off my spiritual shackles. I wish to experience through fun, joy and wonder. My Divine expression wants to soar, untethered to opinions, judgements and the old. I am choosing to be a conduit of love and wisdom. And I am doing this with joy in my heart.

Change. Growth. Peace.

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is one of peace. Peace for yourself and for the greater whole. This peace reverberates throughout the Universe like a great tolling bell. It is calling you to open your hearts to one another.  Allow this gift of feeling to soothe, heal and create a sense of well-being. This ease allows you to rest in trust, calms your systems and supports all forward movement. It helps you see the road ahead as incremental steps into the unknown. There is fun, adventure, joy, beauty and tremendous creativity waiting for you. 

You will be able to witness a new world birthing and through your witness, evolution of your species will take a giant leap. Through your witnessing, the people around you will step into their freedom/sovereignty and choose a path that is the highest and best for all. This is a coming together in a collective, conscious way inorder for the world to be in change, growth and peace. You are calling this to you. Be the change. Be the growth. Be the peace you wish to experience.” 🙏

You are Divine expression

This weekend we honour and celebrate our mothers and the loving, nurturing qualities of the divine feminine.

 The word “honour” keeps coming up for me. It means “regard with great respect.” We are Divine expression and if we cannot honour who and what we truly are then how can we honour each other? How can we honour God?

So try to nurture yourself, give yourself your attention, awareness and acceptance. Honour yourself. And then honour your mothers and all the beautiful souls that offered you their nurturance and love throughout your life. 

What are you reflecting?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message is about bringing in the “tomorrows” that you all wish to create. This happens in the present moment as it births the next by what you are reflecting. You are beautiful mirrors and whatever reflection you are shining out, the Universe responds by showing up in the exact same way. If you are fearful, the Universe will bring those fears to you. If you are joyful, the Universe shows up ready to play and have fun. So, as you spend your time in your homes now, practice your awareness as to the image you are broadcasting. Watch yourself, as an observer, and like an actor in a story, choose to play the role you really wish to experience. Try it. Play with it. Play at being abundant, powerful, joyful and know that you are creating the next page, the next chapter. You don’t have to think about the plot or how the story will end. You can just show up for the adventure, calling to you the wonderful experiences you choose to express in.”      
 In partnership with Yeshua